A Great Looking 2010 BMW 740I In Black

This car is black on black with black leather and how cool is that!

A Great Looking 2010 BMW 740I In Black0
A Great Looking 2010 BMW 740I In Black

A Great Looking 2010 BMW 740I In Black

Will it become a classic? Doubtful. I drove one of these back in New Zealand in 2003 with its strange Command Centre and Gear shift. Man, it was hard to get it right. But what a great car.

The car we had was the same color car except for the wheels which were factory. Hell, this car was sweet. One day whilst driving down the motorway it caught fire. It was the electronics. Not Cool. I was not in the car luckily and it was later destroyed.

One hell of a great car and prices will be low in years to come, but never super cheap. Contact us for yours as prices will never be better than now.

There is no shortage of BMW 7 series for sale in Japan. Get your today from Auto Trader Imports Japan.

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Written by Japans Car Man

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