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Are There Muscle Cars In Japan

Japan has its fair share of American Muscle Cars

Are There Muscle Cars In Japan
Are There Muscle Cars In Japan

Are There Muscle Cars In Japan

Concentrate for a moment and imagine that Japanese roads are packed bumper to bumper with Toyotas, Nissans, Hondas, Daihatsu, and all other brands of Japanese cars. Well in some ways yes it is, but it’s certainly not bumper to bumper even with a population of around 130 million.

Japan is full of small niche car clubs with everything from German to Amercan Muscle and everything in between.

Japanese are very patriotic and they are staunch supporters of locally made products including their most famous brand name cars.

Japanese Love Exotic And Foreign Made Cars

Since we are on the subject of the Japanese we need to consider that the world’s 3rd largest manufacturer of cars actually loves driving.

During the 80s and early 90s, Japan went through what’s known as the bubble period here and there was so much money people were falling over the stuff. They invested in foreign-made cars mostly and other expensive items.

By the end of the 90s, there were thousands of American cars driving around the roads of Japan. Small car clubs started forming and a very strong network for American muscle started.

So, Are There Muscle Cars In Japan? Yes, thousands.


Not exactly a muscle car but its certainly big and from the USA lol. My story about Hummers. My wife and I were at a marina here in Tokyo having drinks on a friend’s 70-foot yacht. He had invited some other owners from the marina to Join and it was a fun evening. One guy was a small middle-aged Japanese man who was being shadowed by an Arab gentleman.

I had a chance at some point to talk to them both and asked what they had been doing that day. I was told that they had been out flying over Tokyo in a helicopter. I asked if it was expensive to do like anything in Japan is not cheap. The quietly spoken Japanese man said It’s my helicopter.

The quietly spoken Japanese man said It’s my helicopter

We talked a little more that evening before they retired for the evening to the mans 51 Foot Bertrum Sports Fishing boat and I found out that he was one of the largest importers of second-hand Hummers into Japan. The Arab man was his customer who was also an exceptionally likable chap.

If you had met the guy on the street one would think he was an accountant or banker.

Imported American Cars

There is a sea of imported American cars around Japan. Even at auction or on dealer yards there is no shortage and the quality is normally quite good not to mention attractive pricing. Just the other day we picked up a real nice 1966 Ford Mustang Convertible.

The car was mostly original except the seats and a couple of small cosmetics and the price was well under its homeland equivalent.

1966 Ford Mustang Convertible for sale in Japan
1966 Ford Mustang Convertible for sale in Japan

Exporting American Cars

We have access to many American cars and can export them to all corners. Why not check out the auctions here and see for your self some of the great classic and not so classic American Muscle cars that are available.


Importing Cars To The USA

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