GoPro Car Videos are easy to produce
GoPro Car Videos are easy to produce
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Car Videos Using GoPro

Why we use GoPro for our YouTube Videos

Car Videos Using GoPro

You may think its quite obvious why any automotive export company would choose to use GoPro over other devices that can make a video just as easily. In reality though its not that easy a decision to make as there are many variables in the day to day life of an Auction Agent or Car Exporter.

Auction Agents Challenging Times

The life of a car exporter is interesting and challenging at the best of times as competition is fierce here in Japan in this Auto arena. Our main goal is to be found. There is no single better way to be found on the internet as an export other than getting into social media and have great videos. Admittedly ours are not good but we are testing our skill trying to make them and at the same time your perseverance to watch them.

The internet offers us an opportunity to get our company name and profile out to the big wide world cheaply and effectively and YouTube or Vimeo is one of the best methods not to mention live Instagram feeds.

On The move At Auction

Japanese Auction Agents are always on the move either with a phone in their hand or checking cars at auction and relaying info back to their clients. One of the best tools at our disposal is the ability to get videos back to cli8ents. This can be done in the current time occasionally or in time-lapsed pre-recordings. Some agents will do this directly from their mobile as we do when the effort is warranted while others with use some video equipment.

GoPro For Car Videos

While it’s great to take an actual live video it’s also very hard to get this to your client and bid at the same time. So with this in mind, we will take a video and reproduce this later at our office.

Our preference is this was and we use GoPro. With the GoPros versatility and size, it can be packed up easily and taken anywhere and you’re guaranteed a great shoot with a modern GoPro such an 8 or 7 Black. The camera’s focal length is perfect for car video even without action and the software supplied is well suited for most PCs, especially a Mac.

Best For Us

While we are plugging GoPro here it must be stated that we are not in any way endorsed by the company, nor do they give us any sponsorship. We thought it would be a great idea to share something that we enjoy that works well. This camera is great for many styles of video and we fully recommend this camera to anyone in a similar business.

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