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Coronavirus Effects On Car Exports

Has Coronavirus effected car exports?
Has Coronavirus effected car exports?

Coronavirus Effects On Car Exports In Japan

This Coronavirus is obviously its the most pressing concern for mankind today and is having far-reaching effects on all types of business both locally and abroad. When this issue started in China a few months back not for one instant did we think of the global impact it was about to have? I for one went about my business, as usual, exporting cars to my customers in Finland, Germany, Tanzania, Canada and so forth. Nothing much seemed to have changed and it was and still is to some extent just like business as usual. So let’s talk about the Coronavirus Effects On Car Exports In Japan.

coronavirus and effect on car exports
coronavirus and effect on car exports

When We Realised Coronavirus Was Here

We also run a small vacation rental business that runs alongside our Car Exporting business here in Japan. The vacation rental business is nothing more than a sideliner business that pays the mortgage and keeps us that little bit busier on a weekly basis. We have customers from Asia, Europe, and North America booking normally. Most will stay 1-week max.

When China first reported cases of Coronavirus it was only about 1 week later that emails were coming from our guests in Taiwan and Hong Kong etc about the safety of traveling. We actually still had the same confirmed bookings from Mainland China that completed their stay here in Japan. However, the others slowly but surely canceled their reservations.

I was sitting on the wire watching and anticipating this and listening to reports from Europe about an underlying worry about this Coronavirus but at the same time almost un-faltering confidence that the virus was not going to have an impact on Europe.

As March 2020 approached Europe was now reporting cases of Coronavirus whilst many parts of Aisa were getting the virus under some sort of control. Japan by all accounts had really taken it by the reins and numbers were not growing as they were, especially since the Diamond Princess numbers skyrocket us.

It is now March 16 and Most of Europe has closed its borders and in some cases, there are far greater restrictions in place for traveling and meeting friends and family. We have had most bookings cancel our Vacation rental currently up until June forward where bookings are still in place. I have to agree and sympathize with anyone not wanting to travel currently even if you are traveling to a safer location in reality. Sadly we don’t want you here just now anyway.

Import your car from Japan
Import your car from Japan without concern

How Has Coronavirus Impacted On our Car Exporting?

Contrary to what was and is going on with my vacation rentals the car export business is still ticking along nicely up until last week. I have noticed a steady decline in emails from European customers and signups to the auction website have slowed. People are doing the right thing and protecting themselves and their family and not thinking too much about buying a car that’s sitting in the garage next to the one you already have but can’t use as you can’t go outside lol.

All in all, I have not really noticed much as new people are popping out from the woodwork as others are re-grouping and looking after No1 first. Its troubling times of course but in reality, a very small percentage of Japan has actually had any impact from the virus and we also must consider that from buying any car in Japan to the vehicle reaching the nearest countries’ shoreline you are looking at about 3 weeks minimum. The Coronavirus has an open life of about 48 hours without a host apparently, so its chances of survival from here to there are about zero.

Why Import Cars From Japan Now With Coronavirus Around?

As mentioned just above the chances of any car arriving from Japan with coronavirus is virtually nill to impossible and items are still being shipped around the world daily.

However, here is Japan car prices have been steadily increasing for some years now to a point where it was and still is nearly impossible to buy cars at reasonable costs once they landed in your country. This price hike was really targeted towards specialized Classic Cars and Rare Vehicles. However with the coronavirus now upon us, many people are sitting on their hands and not buying these cars. This also means that Japanese dealers here have sensed this and will start selling the cars for less. So in reality as far as importing cars from Japan is concerned it is most likely a very good time to do so with prices likely to drop somewhat. This is my prediction and not carved in stone so test the water so to speak.

This virus is a shocker but life goes on and we wish everyone health and prosperity. Please take care and look after yourself at all times.


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Note. What is written above about the lifespan of this virus was supplied by numerous sources but by no means my recommendation! I am not an expert in this field so please decide for yourself. Do your own research and due diligence when importing any goods from any foreign country as always.





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