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Ferrari Speedo Tampering

Jus wondering if the speedo in my Ferrari 458 Italia has been wound back

Ferrari Speedo Tampering

Most people who know me even slightly understand that I have a slight hankering for Ferraris. I don’t sort of lust over them or could be considered a Ferrari junky or anything close, but I do like them enough to have owned about 7. Not all at once by the way.

In Japan, you have few outlets as a Westerner to enjoy lifestyle and things that you might do back home in your own country. Every sort of sporting or lifestyle event is heavily governed and monitored. You must belong to a club to enjoy the simplest of sports like Archery, Surfing, Motorcross and more. You’re not even allowed to swim past chest level in the ocean or the surf police will be angry. lol

The cost is awful and the rules never seem to stop. Driving does not require belonging to a club 🙂 unless you want it to. There will be no clubs for me by the way as I despise rules and dislike being instructed on the simplest of things I already know by people one 3rd my age, so I needed to find a hobby or sport that suits me in this point of my adult life and I like cars.

Ferrari 458 Italia

I had the opportunity to own two Ferrari F430s. One Spider and one Coupe. They were great cars but in my mind starting to become dated not only in looks but also technology. The options were a 488 which really out of my pay grade or a 458.

At a push, I could have opted for a 488 with a little higher mileage and a little loan from the bank. One of the main draw cars to owning a Ferrari is the sound and by all accounts, the 488 seemed to have missed the boat on that with the twin-turbo setup. The 458 on the other hand looked just as good and was in reality only .1 or .2 of a second slower and has sound, glorious sound.

So I went hunting! I drove and flew around Japan looking for the just-right Ferrari 458 Italia in red done between 10,000 and 20,000 Klm. In the end, I bought a 2010 Ferrari 458 in black done 4,366 Klm. I swore to a good friend (known as Uncle Ferrari ) that I would never own a black Ferrari.

The Black Ferrari Love Affair Began

Owning any black car is a nightmare for any owner and the main reason I didn’t want black. My car has one scratch on the driver’s door where some idiot opened it and hit something on the edge. Apart from that, it is free of stone chips or anything. Even the underbody is free of scratches. The car is mint and washed using the two bucket system. Every day I look at it I think Nero Black is the new Red as I say to my wife.

My Near New Ferrari 458 Italia Is Safe In The Garage

As the car is some substantial investment so its important to look after it as well as possible. I have a car cover and try to keep it on at all times after the two bucket wash as often as possible. I never thought to own a black car was so cool yet so demanding if you want the best from that color. ( The facemask was corona time and nothing to do with the car )

Black Ferrari 458 Italia
Black Ferrari 458 Italia

Time To Celebrate With Friends And Get A Surprise

So all is going well with my new Ferrari ownership. The car drives well, smells like a freshly tanned piece of leather, and looks great in the garage.

Recently we went out to dinner with some friends one of whom owns a Ferrari workshop close by. I had not told him I had purchased a new car but did mention to him at some time prior that I was looking for a 458. I had also bought two cars from him previously.

The conversation starts and I tell him about the car and the details like color and mileage. He blurts out loudly,

2010 car with only 4,000 Klm in Japan! This can’t be right. I have a machine in my garage that can change the speedo! I think your seller also has this same machine

Dinner had a different mood after that and old Uncle Ferrari as we call him was quite happy with himself for throwing doubt over my car.

My Point

My point is not about my cars speedo being wound back or forward whatever. The car looks great for 4,000 Klm or 14,000 Klm.

The point is it’s now 2020 and these people still have the tools to manipulate speedos. WRONG!!!!


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