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Our Auction Page Went MIA

Yes once we were here and then we disappeared

Auction buying process and websites
Auction buying process and websites

Owning A Website Is Hard Work

Yes everyone would love to have a bright coloured website full of pictures and information. It’s certainly the goal of any professional car exporter from Japan or any country.

Putting up with hackers and webserver issues is only part of the issue when it comes to website ownership and maintenance.

Over the years we have designed and built more websites than I care to remember. I believe that some were built simply as ego purposes as we got really good at it.

Sooner or later for one reason or another, I would inevitably take them down as I felt they had no traction with google and all we had done was wasted our time and effort typing thousands of words that were never read by anyone except the egotistical twit that wrote them.

We had a single website for many years which did us proud. It certainly had its moments when plugins broke or bots found their way in and left nasty surprises for us in the morning. Sometimes I spent more time talking to support on the server than I did at the actual auction.

See Live Car Auctions Online
See Live Car Auctions Online

Websites Come And Go

As my skill increased in my small mind I would often be working on 3 to 4 websites at a time which were all car-related and often as I learned was saying the same thing but just a little differently. In the end, I was so engrossed in designing that I lost track of my actual job exporting cars.

Once I counted that I was the proud owner of close to 145 different URLs and had at least 8 or 9 active websites at any one time. The toll of maintaining those websites was mind-boggling and often after a glass of red wine or 6 I would simply push delete and they were gone. Two weeks later I would be back at it again lol.

2020 And Only 3 Active Automotive Websites

I am not sure if I have matured much when it comes to owning a website but I have certainly been at the ugly end of many lessons.

Over the years when I had deleted a website I would quite often see a picture from the website turn up on Google. It was most frustrating as the pic was not there when the website was alive. I simply hadn’t given things time.

The theme of this website I used once before and its a good busy little theme with great Google SEO attributes. Its back and I will give it time to mature. I am no writer and do this for 100% fun. Don’t expect too much lol but have a laugh.



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