The Best Car Of This Particular Generation

The best German touring cars of the 90s

We are not saying which is best as that’s your choice.

Here we have a great little collection of everyone’s favourite cars from the late 80s to early 90s. They are all in the same category so we are comparing apples with apples

#1 BMW M3 E30

Some Say Its The Best Touring Car Of the 80s

So what do you think, is the E30 BMW M3 the best car of its generation. Its a hell of a car for sure but there is some stiff competition for other German manufacturers etc. 

This car helped path the way for a new generation of cars from BMW and bought a wilting automotive manufacturer back from the brink of failure. Well, it wasn't just the M3 alone but it certainly helped. 

#3 Audi Quattro turbo

Another Great German Manufacturer was In The Race

Audi Quattro turbo was peaking at the turn of 1990. A little dated looking compared to the other two above but the Audi has grip and 220hp to help it on its way.

A fabulous car on any track the Quattro RS was not to be messed with and few could catch it with all the technology it had at the time.

These cars do not hold the same price tags as above but still offer the driver lots of fun.

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Written by Japans Car Man

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