What is a Saab 97X

I had never hear of t6his Saab until I was asked to buy one.

Saab 97X left hand drive from Japan39
Saab 97X left hand drive from Japan

What is a Saab 97X

Yes, I was completely stumped when a great customer from Germany asked me to bid on a Saab. Bidding on Saabs was nothing uncommon for him as I thought it was going to be another 900 Turbo, or?

Once I search the auction page for the car and looked at it I was baffled as firstly it was an American imported car that was possibly going to be exported to Germany and a Greek owner.

Obviously, because we are in a position to display these photos we did eventually buy this Saab 97X for our friend in Germany. Good looking car all the same even though its a Saab. ?

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