Why Cant I See The Sold Prices

Where are the sold prices on the auction website?

Why Cant I See Auction Results
Why Cant I See Auction Results

Why Can’t I See The Sold Prices

Yes, all too frequently lately we cant see the sold prices at auction here in Japan. Why is this?

I cant decide what to pay unless I see the sold prices at auction.

We all want to see the sold prices of these cars at auction, don’t we! Well, guess what? The auctions don’t actually want to share this information. That’s right. The auctions here in Japan are going to great lengths to stop car exporters from disclosing this information.

Why Are The Auctions Not Sharing This Information?

Japanese car auctions are a member-based service only. When you join any online service touting auction cars you are not actually joining the real auctions as its simply not possible. You must live in Japan and you must provide all sorts of security to become an auction member.

These auctions do not want to share this information with non-members and will go to great lengths to ensure that you can’t see any information including start and sold prices. It’s nothing personal as they do it to everyone. They will go so far as legal action and cancellation of memberships.

Exporters want to share this information with you as you are our priority. We painfully obtain as much data as we can every day from numerous sources and replicate this as accurately as possible on auction websites such as this one.

This is no easy task as the auctions go out of their way to try and stop this by blocking data and encrypting items. This includes pictures and prices, etc.

Make The Most Of What We Offer

We are honestly not sure how long we can continue to provide all this data so please make the most of it while you can. It’s a ridiculous situation as the more cars we sell the more money the auctions make. However, they want to support their Japanese members first.

We will continue to do our best to keep providing as much information as possible. Please have fun and keep buying in the meantime.

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